There Should be No (Building) Features…Not Necessary for Convenience ….

Functionalism is a segment of architecture that promotes elements that are useful in contrast to the ornate, embellished design of earlier centuries.

Louvers Can Add Element of Color to Any Drab Building

Customers can choose from a variety of paint colors and finishes to make their louvers exactly what they want.

The Latest in Architectural Trends

All sorts of modern architecture trends are emerging. The most popular trends have one thing in common; a focus on nature, reinvention and sustainability. Although each has its own defined style, these trends are a great display of the current building and design trends this year.

Do the Right Thing When it Comes to Asbestos

Making sure your building is free of asbestos, or is abated of if it ever was present, is imperative prior to any construction disturbance. This is crucial to not only protecting the healthy air quality in your building, but to protecting your property as well.

Acoustical Louvers Optimal for Noise Reduction

Acoustic louvers are designed specifically to absorb sound so it doesn’t travel as far or as loudly.

Integrating HVAC into Your Building

When installed throughout your home a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can keep you and your family comfortable and healthy throughout the year.

The Ever Changing Urban Architecture

Commercial architecture is ever changing. Architects and material costs along with developing cities and what residents want, affect the types of buildings that are popping up around the US.

Form Follows Function in Post Modern Architecture

Motivated by the Modern Movement, many contemporary architects seek to provide innovation and technology in their designs.

Non Architectural Preservation Plagues Cities

Architecture has a long and winding evolution that’s full of creation, adaptation and destruction. In the United States particularly, architecture is young with overall modernity but unique diversity. Many external forces have affected the way US cities were designed and built.

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