Metal Canopy Systems

Architectural Metal Canopy Systems

Architectural metal canopies from Industrial Louvers, Inc. can enhance the look of any entrance while providing protection from the elements. With both standard architectural canopies and custom canopies, ILI can provide solutions for small or large projects. All canopies are shipped assembled to the greatest extent possible, reducing labor required to install the products and ensuring the best possible assembly quality.

Standard Canopies

ILI’s standard canopies are fabricated to meet each project’s requirements. Extruded aluminum tube components and panel supports are combined with flat bar outriggers and mounting brackets to create a clean, finished look. Suspension rods at least every 16’ (4.88m) to 20’ (6.01m) provide additional support.

Custom Canopies

ILI has become a leading manufacturer of custom architectural metal products because we embrace imagination in design. Complex, highly customized projects are our specialty. Of course, these jobs require an extra level of service and attention to detail. We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors and installers, and coordinate with other trades to ensure seamless integration of our products. By doing so, we create cost-effective solutions that meet both aesthetic and performance criteria. For custom projects, we engineer a solution that meets the specific needs of the project and project location. Our engineering firm, licensed in all 50 states, can provide structural engineering calculations for every job we build to ensure that they can withstand wind, snow and ice loads.

Canopy Finishes

Custom finishing provides additional design flexibility. We have in-house painting for Kynar finishes. Finishing product in-house ensures we can enforce the highest possible quality standards, reduces lead times and provides us with the flexibility to manage our own finishing schedule. Kynar finishes are resistant to chalking, abrasion and ultraviolet light and keeps products looking new for years. Our standard finish carries up to a 20 year warranty.

Whatever the application, ILI is committed to providing the highest quality products and custom design solutions with an exceptional level of service. All of our products are made in USA with the most sustainable materials possible.


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