Equipment Screens and Louvered Fences

  • Equipment Screen Condominiums

Equipment screens are designed to hide unwanted views and increase security of mechanical systems, HVAC equipment, trash enclosures, parking garages and other applications. Because they are louvered screens, they achieve these goals while still allowing air flow to the systems or areas they hide. Louvered fences hide views in areas where a full enclosure is not required.

All louvered screens provide some level of protection against unwanted views. On a roof, sight-lines from the ground can be blocked by inverting louver blades. True sight-proof louvers completely block views from every direction using specially designed blades. Blades can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on aesthetic preference. Sight-proof construction is often used at ground level for trash enclosures and stockyards.

Equipment screens also provide added security for the screened area without sacrificing future access. We offer hinged doors with several hardware options and locking styles – ensuring equipment remains secure until it needs to be serviced or moved. An added benefit of sight-proof blades is that they are also tamper proof. This further ensures the integrity of enclosures by barring the ability of hands or tools to be slipped through the blades.

We also offer a wide range of mounting options, for which we can provide optional structural calculations. Ensuring structural integrity is important, especially in geographic areas where extreme weather may come into play. Our engineering firm, licensed in all 50 states, can verify that our products will maintain their integrity over the long term.

As with all of our products, our custom screens and louvered fences are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of each project. Optional mitered corners can provide the look of continuous blades. A wide range of anodized and Kynar finishes allows for customization to design needs. We back our finishes as well as our products. Our standard two-coat 70% PVDF is available with up to a 20 year warranty.

We ensure the best possible installation by providing products assembled to the greatest extent practicable. This reduces labor costs and ensures products are consistent with the original design.

Whatever the application, ILI is committed to providing the highest quality products and custom design solutions with an exceptional level of service. All of our products are made in USA with the most sustainable materials possible.

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