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Design Considerations:
Quick Ship Program

Our quick ship program is available for a limited number of our popular models for shipment in 15 working days or less. Size and finish restrictions apply and louvers must be rectangular. Please contact your local representative for details and pricing.

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Custom Architectural Louvers and Air Vents

Industrial Louvers Inc. offers a wide range of architectural louvers and air vents to meet nearly any air intake or exhaust louver need. We specialize in custom architectural louvers, made in the USA with sustainable materials and unmatched attention to quality and service.

Louvers serve a critical need to allow air flow through openings in buildings while rejecting unwanted elements such as water and airborne debris. While the concept is simple, selecting the right product for the application is important to meeting performance needs.

Non-drainable louvers provide maximum free air flow and a basic level of resistance to water penetration. Drainable louvers also provide maximum free air flow with increased protection against heavy rain. Specialized stormproof and storm-resistant louvers, including hurricane- and Florida-approved louvers, provide protection from wind-driven rain and extreme storm events.

When certified test data is essential, use one of our many louvers rated by the Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA) which are licensed to carry the AMCA seal. Several other models are also tested in accordance with AMCA standards.

Louvers can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of buildings by creating sight-proof screens to increase privacy, hide equipment or enclose parking facilities.

All of our louvers are available in a variety of anodized and painted finishes to meet design needs. Our standard paint finish is backed with up to a 20 year warranty. A wide range of frames and accessories increase functionality and allow louvers to be installed into nearly any surrounding conditions.

We ensure the best possible installation by providing products assembled to the greatest extent practicable. This reduces labor costs and ensures products are consistent with the original design.

Whatever the application, ILI is committed to providing the highest quality products and custom design solutions with an exceptional level of service. All of our products are made in USA with the most sustainable materials possible.

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