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Custom sunshades and light shelves are sun control devices that contribute to aesthetics, sustainable design and occupant comfort. Sunshades are striking additions to building exteriors. They also help owners save money and reduce a building’s carbon footprint by lowering energy required to offset unwanted heat loads.  They also contribute to daylighting strategies by allowing occupants to enjoy the benefits of natural light with reduced glare.


ILI has become a leading sunshade manufacturer because we embrace imagination in design. Complex, highly customized projects are our specialty. Of course, these jobs require an extra level of service and attention to detail. We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors and installers, and coordinate with other manufacturers to ensure seamless integration of our products. By doing so, we create cost-effective solutions that meet both aesthetic and performance criteria. Heavy wind loads, complex curves and bends, custom colors or unusual attachment conditions? Bring them on. We are here to help. Our engineering firm, licensed in all 50 states, provides structural engineering calculations for every job we build to ensure that they can withstand wind, snow and ice loads.


Most sunshades are cantilevered over windows and are made from aluminum extrusions. They can also be mounted vertically in front of windows as vertical shades or beside windows as shades. In every case, ILI’s aluminum extrusions are mechanically fastened. This significantly improves the strength and integrity over the welded construction used by some other manufacturers. This also allows for easy replacement of individual components after installation. Click here to view a selection of profiles. We also offer a bracket design calculator for most simple custom sunshades and anchorage types to help you determine the connection needed while in the design phase.



Light shelves further enhance occupant comfort. Installed indoors, they reflect light up to the ceiling. This helps maintain the benefits of daylight while eliminating unpleasant glare.


Custom finishing provides additional design flexibility. We have a variety of anodized and painted finishes available, but recommend our standard two-coat Kynar, which carries up to a 20 year warranty.


We ensure the best possible installation by providing products assembled to the greatest extent practicable. This reduces labor costs and ensures products are consistent with the original design.


Whatever the application, ILI is committed to providing the highest quality products and custom design solutions with an exceptional level of service. All of our products are made in USA with the most sustainable materials possible.




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