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Design Considerations:


Custom sunshades from ILI enhance building exteriors and contribute to sustainable, aesthetically pleasing designs. Beyond their visual impact, these sun control devices play a crucial role in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, making them a cost-effective choice for any project type.


As a leading sunshade manufacturer, ILI stands out for its imaginative approach to design, specializing in complex and highly customized projects. Our commitment to service and attention to detail ensures seamless collaboration with architects, engineers, contractors, and installers, resulting in solutions that meet both aesthetic and performance criteria. Whether facing heavy wind loads, intricate curves, or unique attachment conditions, ILI meets design challenges. 


Most systems are crafted from mechanically fastened aluminum extrusions. This method enhances strength and integrity, surpassing welded construction used by other manufacturers. This not only ensures durability but also allows for easy replacement of individual components post-installation. We ensure the best possible installation by providing products assembled to the greatest extent possible. This reduces on-site labor costs and ensures products are consistent with the original design.


Whether mounted horizontally or vertically, ILI’s sunshades offer versatile solutions for various design needs. Custom color matching is available at no extra charge, see our finish page for more details.  Our engineering firm, licensed nationwide, provides thorough structural engineering calculations, guaranteeing resilience against wind, snow, and ice loads. Explore our range of profiles and utilize our bracket design calculator for simplified decision-making during the design phase.


Whatever the application, ILI is committed to providing the highest quality products and custom design solutions with an exceptional level of service. All of our products are made in USA with the most sustainable materials possible.



Horizontal Sunshades

Typically cantilevered over windows, horizontal sunshades are constructed from tube or plate outriggers, optional fascia, and an extensive variety of rectangular or circular tubes (ST Series), airfoil blades (SA series), or louver blades (XP series).  These models are Living Product Challenge (LPC) Petal Certified – in most instances they are net positive for water, energy, climate, and waste impacts.


Our “egg crate grille,” (ECG series) seamlessly integrates decorative grilles with an array of custom fascia and outrigger options. Need a simple solution with more limited shading?  Our FA series have a single airfoil blade and do not need outriggers or fascia.



Vertical Sunshades/Fins

Vertical shading stands as the perfect solution for managing low-angle light.  Custom designs can incorporate perforated panels, aluminum plate in a wide range of custom shapes, extruded aluminum tubes and airfoils.  The end result not only serves a practical purpose but also boasts a stylish and modern aesthetic appeal.




Incorporating canopies into a sun shading strategy adds protection from the elements.  Visit our canopy page for more information.




Selection of profiles

Sunshade Bracket Calculator

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