BSD SpecLink-E is a master guide specification writing, management, and production system with built-in intelligence designed to help specifiers dramatically speed up editing tasks and reduce specification production time while minimizing errors and omissions.


Combined with the industry’s most comprehensive and up-to-date master database, SpecLink-E enables specifiers to accelerate their specification development with unsurpassed accuracy and integrity.


In addition to conventional construction specifications, SpecLink-E includes design critera for buildings (formerly PerSpective, the industry’s first and only commercially available database of performance-based specifications). Design Criteria are used during the early building design stages and for projects delivered via the design-build method.


The SpecLink-E software includes many productivity tools, including the ability to create automatic administrative reports, such as submittal requirements, useful during construction administration.  BSD Speclink features ILI in Section 08 9100 – Architectural Louvers and Section 10 7113.43 Fixed Sun Screens.

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