The International Living Futures Institute recently published case studies on some of the cutting-edge businesses that are part of the JUST Program. Industrial Louvers was honored to be included as one of the studies. The JUST Program demonstrates a commitment to social justice and equity issues. Businesses of all kinds are encouraged to apply for their JUST label and to start making meaningful changes in human resource and operational policies.

In the case of Industrial Louvers (ILI), the program helped focus goals and made corporate social responsibility a more measurable goal by breaking it into a series of indicators and providing several metrics by which to evaluate success. The process was affirming because it showed that ILI is already a positive entity for driving equity and community well-being. It also helped in developing strategies for improvements.  JUST provided a framework to evaluate how policy changes affect employees, the local and regional communities, and the industry as a whole. ILI will continue to use the JUST Program to reach beyond traditional understandings of sustainability and transparency so as to best embody its core values. Read more

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