Kirkwood Regional Center University of Iowa Oakdale Research Park

                                                    Location: Coralville, IA Architect: OPN Architects Installer: Forman Ford ILI Products: 653XP (80226)

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Wayzata Elementary

                                Location: Plymouth, MN Architect: Wold Architects and Engineers Contractor: Kraus-Anderson Installer: McDowell Company ILI Products: 258 & 458XP (101573)

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Orono High School Activity Center

Location: Long Lake, MN

Architect: Wold Architects and Engineers

Contractor: Kraus Anderson

Installer: Chappell Central

ILI Products: ECG

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Lincoln Elementary

Location: Owatonna, MN

Architect: Wold Architects & Engineers

Contractor: Donlar Construction

Installer: Heymann Construction Co

ILI Products: 435

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Prairie High School

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Architect: OPN Architects

Contractor: Larson Construction

Installer: CR Glass Company

ILI Product: SA Series Sunshade

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Jefferson Spanish Immersion Elementary

Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Architect: Architecture Incorporated

Contractor: Peska Construction

Installer: City Glass & Glazing

ILI Product: ST Series Sunshades

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Hoover Elementary School

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Architect: OPN Architects

Contractor: Carson Construction

Installer: NETOM Enterprises LTD

ILI Product: SA Series Sunshade (Vertical)

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