Waukee Aquatic Center

Location: Waukee, IA

Architect: Elite Glass

Installer: Elite Glass & Metal

Contractor: Henkel Construction

ILI Products: FA Series sunshade

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CSU Spur Terra

Location: Denver, CO

Architect: Anderson Mason Dale Architects

Installer: MG McGrath Inc

Contractor: JE Dunn

ILI Products: ST Series sunshades

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St. Paul Public Schools – AIMS

Location: St. Paul, MN

Architect: Cunningham Group Architecture, Inc

Installer: S&J Glass Inc

Contractor: H+U Construction

ILI Products: ST Vertical Series Sunshade

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Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Architect: Architectural Concepts Inc

Installer: ARS – Tecta America

Contractor: Lloyd Companies

ILI Products: ST Series sunshades

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WSU Woolsey Hall

Location: Wichita, KS

Architect: Gastinger Walker

Installer: Wickham Industries, Inc

Contractor: Dondlinger & Sons Construction

ILI Products: Vertical Sunshades

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Bullitt City Public Library

Location: Sheperdsville, KY

Architect: Omni Architects

Installer: WR Cole & Associates, Inc

Contractor: Scott, Murphy and Daniel, LLC

ILI Products: FA Series – Vertical Sunshades

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Family Entertainment Center

Location: Fargo, ND

Architect: DRG Group

Installer: Galaxy Glass and Caulking

Contractor: Christianson Companies

ILI Products: ST Series Sunshades

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Trail King Industries

Location: West Fargo, ND

Architect: YHR Partners

Installer: TF Powers Construction

Contractor: TF Powers Construction

ILI Products: XP Series Sunshades

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MSP Airport G Concourse

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Architect: Alliiance

Installer: SGH Redglaze Holdings

Contractor: Kraus Anderson

ILI Products: ECG Series Sunshades

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Market 212

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Architect: Collage Architects

Installer: Artic Glass

Contractor: RJ Ryan Construction

ILI Products: ST Series Sunshades & shadow boxes

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