All sorts of modern architecture trends are emerging. The most popular trends have one thing in common; a focus on nature, reinvention and sustainability. Although each has its own defined style, these trends are a great display of the current building and design trends this year.Architectural Trends Blog Post


The first architecture trend is reusing existing buildings. The shells of buildings are a great canvas for architects that want to play off the construction’s original beauty but improve it with architectural and interior improvements. Churches, homes and old factories all provide a historical basis for an architect to recreate it into a modern work. Many architects are stepping up to this challenge and making buildings that were once eyesores around the world into creative, updated structures.


Another modern trend are buildings that work with the environment instead of against it. Architects are now designing homes and offices that need less electric and produce less carbon emissions. They are making a worldwide difference with these designs. This trend stands out among the rest because it has the power to stick around for more than just a few years due to its significant positive impacts on anywhere that architects bring these constructions.


However some architects don’t see the divide between a building and nature. In fact, many modern designers are blending the two areas together with outdoor rooms and large, open doorways to backyards. In cities and countries around the world with favorable weather, this modern trend has only gained popularity. And outside living room or den is designed right into the house so homeowners and guests can barely see the boundary between home and garden.


New home and office construction has increased in the US in the past three years. In the upcoming three years however, keep an eye out for all of these architecture trends that will be popping up across the nation. Unlike many other design trends, these have the ability to make a difference, reinvent cities as well as help the environment.


Brett Reinhardt

October 30, 2014

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