Ever Changing Urban Architecture Blog PostCommercial architecture is ever changing. Architects and material costs along with developing cities and what residents want, affect the types of buildings that are popping up around the US.


Right now there are three prevalent commercial architecture trends that you can see budding up around the country. Commercial properties are now being built to accommodate shopping centers in the lowest, street level. In cities like New York, millions of consumers pass by street level offices. But bypassing street level shops is what generates consumer commerce.


Architects are now designing buildings that can be the hub of offices, shops and apartments. Increasingly, mixed use buildings are contributing to the urban landscape renaissance we are witnessing from coast to coast. But these aren’t your traditional glass and metal you saw in the 20th century.


Commercial skyscrapers of today are objects of artistic architecture. Vibrant colors and intricate designs can be found in plans for buildings going up in New York City, London and Paris. These are more acting testaments to the architect than in years prior, and they are making their voices loud as ever.


As you watch cities develop over the next five years, keep an eye out for these trends. Homes, offices and malls are combined intone structure that instead of tall and boring is tall, beautiful and a statement piece made by the architect.


Brett Reinhardt

October 6, 2014

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