Location: Des Moines, IA

Architect:  BNIM Architects

Contractor: Nelson Construction

Installer: ASI

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Puget Sound PA

Location: Seattle, WA

Architect: Stantec

Contractor: Clark Construction

Installer: Harmon

ILI Product:  Sunshades

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The Modern

Location: Mt. Vernon, NY

Architect: The Clark Enerson Group

Contractor: Macquestern Construction Management

Installer: Macquestern Construction Management

ILI Product: SA Series Sunshade

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Prairie High School

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Architect: OPN Architects

Contractor: Larson Construction

Installer: CR Glass Company

ILI Product: SA Series Sunshade

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Summa Health

Location: North Canton, OH

Architect:  Hasenstab Architects

Contractor: Donley’s-Shook

Installer: United Glass and Panel Systems

ILI Product: SP537HD

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First Western Bank

Location: Fargo, ND

Architect: JLG Architects

Contractor: Northwest Contracting

Installer: Red River Glazing

ILI Product: ST Series sunshades 

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New Johnson Monticello Branch Library

Location: Shawnee, Kansas

Architect: The Clark Enerson Group

Contractor: McCown Gordon Construction

Installer: Byers Glass & Mirror

ILI Product: SA Series Sunshade

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Shakopee City Hall

Location: Shakopee, Minnesota

Architect: BKV Group

Contractor: CPMI Inc.

Installer: S & J Glass

ILI Product: ST Series Sunshade

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Baker Group Office Building

Location: Ankeny, Iowa

Architect: GTG Architects LLC

Contractor: GTG Construction LLC

Installer: Baker Group

ILI Product: ST Series Sunshade & Trellis

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University of North Dakota – Collaborative Energy Complex

Architect: EAPC

Contractor: EAPC

Installer: Northland Glass & Glazing LLC

ILI Product: ST Series Sunshade & Standard Canopy

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