Who says that louvers have to be black or white? A simple coat of paint can turn a plain, boring louver into an element of design for your home or office. Finishing completed onsite means that the louvers are handled less and there are fewer chances of damage. Customers can choose from a variety of paint colors and finishes to make their louvers exactly what they want.


Standards colors like blue, red and black are all available as well as more exotic colors like different shades purples and yellows. If you can’t find anything you like from the typical paint offerings, there always the option to have a custom color mixed. Every room is different, and sometimes a standard color just isn’t good enough. Having the custom color option allows the louvers to reflect any color or design, either to standout or blend in.


After you find the perfect color for you louvers, you can also pick a suitable coating for your needs. Kynar 500 and Hylar 500 coatings are resistant to chalking, ultraviolet ray deterioration and abrasion. These coatings create a high quality look that appears brand new for years.


For indoor louvers, or less intense climate, Anodic finish 204 can be used to lock in the paint color. This clear finish anodizes in just 30 minutes. In a more corrosive environment, Anodic 215 takes 60 minutes and protects against harsh conditions. Maximum protection with Anodic finishes will limit the color choices. However, for fierce weather conditions or climate, this is a good option. Gold, bronze, black and burgundy in different shades are the only colors available.


Making a color and coating decision for your louvers can be overwhelming. It’s important to think about the climate and conditions they will be facing as well as your needs. By using Industrial Louvers, if you can think up the color, they can make it happen, and make it last for years.


Brett Reinhardt

November 13, 2014

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