The term HVAC gets thrown around a lot, especially in the spring and fall. In preparation for winter or summer, this system is discussed like its something we all know a lot about. But honestly, not everyone knows what HVAC is, what it entails and why its important – but it is important, in more than one way. When installed throughout your home a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can keep you and your family comfortable and healthy throughout the year.


When the frigid air of winter hits, the heating part of this system keeps your whole home warm. A house that isn’t properly heated can cause a cold or the flu, especially in young children. The air conditioning component makes sure that cool air is spreading throughout your home in the summer, fighting against excessive sweating or heat stroke. As an alternative to room-by-room air conditioning, this system lets homeowners keep interior doors open, and not worry about excessive electric bills.


What about the ventilation? HVAC systems actually provide better, cleaner air because the system continually cleans the indoor air. For families that suffer from allergies or have pet dander floating around the house, proper ventilation is a necessity to keep coughing, sneezing and wheezing under control.


But let’s go back to those excessive electric bills. Portable heaters and window air conditioners can add hundreds of dollars onto an electric bill per month. An HVAC system however, can actually save you money. These systems clean air at the same time that they heat or cool your house. They are created to be more electric efficient than individual heating and cooling devices as well.


The weather is unpredictable and each season brings changes that we might not be prepared for. Having an HVAC system however, balances out weather extremes and ensures that homes are always a comfortable, healthy place for families.


Brett Reinhardt

October 10, 2014

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