In 2022, Industrial Louvers Inc (ILI) embarked on a new partnership with TLC Toys, a non-profit organization that builds toys for children. As a leader in sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, ILI is always looking for ways to improve practices and create positive social impacts in the communities in which we live and work.

ILI uses clean, responsibly source wood to build pallets for shipping. The ends of the wood that are cut off are considered waste, and had traditionally been collected and recycled, but as part of ILI’s continued efforts towards net positive manufacturing, the wood ends are now collected and donated, creating positive waste. This is part of a larger principle developed by the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI’s) Living Product Challenge (LPC).

The idea behind the LPC is to rethink the way products are manufactured. Instead of just focusing on reducing impacts or footprints, it implores participants to find ways to have positive impacts as well. Positive impacts are referred to as handprints. If a product creates larger handprints than footprints, it is deemed net positive. The goal is to be net positive for energy, water, climate, and waste. The partnership between ILI and TLC Toys was created to meet these principles.

TLC Toys uses wood pieces to create toys for children. They have expanded to include donations to police departments to carry in their vehicles to share with children they encounter during their work. Their supply used to be made up of wood from residential construction and often needed to be cleaned or dried first and have nails or screws removed. The consistent supply of clean, good quality wood from ILI has reduced their waste as well and saved time. ILI’s donations currently make up 40% of the wood used and increased their output to over 21,000 pieces last year.

The partnership between these two companies has so many positive impacts and both companies are excited to continue and expand on the program.

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