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Velocity Series high performance louvers listed with AMCA 550

Industrial Louvers, Inc. is excited to announce three new additions to our Velocity™ Series high performance louvers. Velocity™ series louvers from Industrial Louvers, Inc. stand up to extreme weather conditions. We are pleased to announce that three models in the series now meet the rigorous standards of the Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc Read more…

New partnership with TLC Toys

Industrial Louvers Inc (ILI) is proud of our leadership in sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. Our efforts also encompass the positive social impacts we make in the community in which we live and work. We measure these efforts through metrics, called imperatives, developed by the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI’s) Living Product Challenge (LPC).   Read more…

Journey to success

Long before Jo Reinhardt took over Industrial Louvers, she had goals. With a plan in place to achieve them, she became a key leader in her family’s business. But she had to overcome low expectations to get there, including some from her own family. continued

Considerations When Selecting and Designing a Sunshade

Exterior sunshades are an important and increasingly popular part of an energy reduction strategy. Blinds help with glare and heat from direct light, but unlike blinds, exterior shading reduces the heat transfer from the exterior façade to the interior of a building. They also provide opportunities to exercise decorative flair and make buildings unique. Selecting Read more…

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