Running powerful equipment and machines for eight hours a day is a noisy process, which is usually why machine operators wear earplugs. Sound produced by almost any type of equipment can travel through walls, windows and doors.


This noise can flood surrounding areas and disrupt other workers as well as cause unwanted vibrations. But even for rooms and buildings without a lot of space for noise silencers there are acoustic louvers. Acoustic louvers are designed specifically to absorb sound so it doesn’t travel as far or as loudly.


Instead of large, freestanding machines that absorb sound, louvers cover a large area along a wall for example, to catch and diffuse noise. They also reduce the pressure of the noise and how it resonates in adjacent rooms. The pressure and noise control of an acoustic louver varies and can be purchased depending on the amount and intensity of the sound.


Without sound absorption via acoustic louvers, much less work would get done due to distractions and much less damage to the ears results. Anyone who works alongside machines can vouch for the loudness and commotion that results in them running all day long. Installing acoustic louvers is a way to battle the sound and control it, instead of living and planning around it.


Brett Reinhardt

October 15th, 2014

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