At ILI, sustainability is central to what we do. Our commitment to continuous improvement in sustainable operations reduces our company’s environmental impact. We take great effort to increase awareness about environmental issues within our industry and help create a more sustainable built environment.


Our products contribute to sustainable designs. Sun control products can help achieve the goals of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Globes, Living Building Challenge and other rating systems or simply fulfill the spirit of these systems by reducing energy consumption and increasing occupant comfort. Exterior sunshades have a critical impact on cooling and lighting systems and, when used properly, significantly reduce buildings’ energy loads. They also reflect sunlight  from buildings to reduce heat island effect and diminish glare, minimizing energy consumption and fostering a more pleasant occupant experience. Interior light shelves maximize daylighting and reduce glare without affecting views to the outdoors.


We strive for continuous improvement throughout our operations. Our internal green team sets goals and priorities, educates staff and implements sustainability strategies throughout the organization. We are among the first manufacturers pursuing the International Living Futures Institute’s (ILFI) Living Product Challenge and are the first manufacturer in the United States to earn our JUST Label. Living Products not only have extremely limited social and environmental footprints from cradle to grave, but they actually enrich human life by supplying the world around them with power, water, and beauty and improving health throughout their life cycles. The JUST label is ILFI’s social justice ‘nutrition label.’ It is a means of assessing ILI’s impacts and contributions to our employees’ well being, environmental sustainability, our local community, and society as a whole. Outside of these programs, ILI focuses on sourcing and using the most environmentally sustainable and healthy raw materials for our products. This allows us to maximize the use of recycled content in our products.


Our commitment goes beyond our own operations and providing products for green building projects. We support the efforts of organizations that promote sustainability and environmental awareness throughout the industry. We support the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Minnesota chapter of the USGBC, the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), and ILFI through sponsorships, leadership roles, and volunteer support. Our LEED-accredited professionals provide training for our staff, sales representatives and throughout the industry on a variety of topics related to green building.


One of ILI’s unique values is transparency throughout our operations. A new focus on chemical transparency for building products provides us with an opportunity to expand on that idea. We are proud to support the HPDC and to participate in their transparency initiative. We have published our first two Declare labels and are working on more.  Finally, we promote transparency throughout our supply chain by seeking suppliers that are willing to share information on their practices and materials and work with us to improve the environmental impacts of our products.




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